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A productivity software based on simplicity and efficiency

Combining both project-based and category-based task management


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The Daily Project is a comprehensive yet surprisingly user-friendly piece of software that aims to offer you a perfect blend of project-based and category based task management, as well as typical to-do manager tools, all without compromising user-accessibility. It is the type of app that might strike you as being a bit too complicated, but considering just how much it delivers, it's rather user-friendly. All in all, even though it's clearly aimed at novices, freelancers, or individuals running small to medium project teams, The Daily Project is an efficient and surprisingly capable productivity-orientated piece of software.


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About The Daily Project

Hi, my name is Christopher Dahms from Germany, Founder/CEO of The Cridah Group and lead developer of The Daily Project®. I’d like to give you some background information on how this project came to life.

I’ve always liked organizing myself and manage my projects/tasks in a very simple, yet effective way. I’ve used all sorts of productivity tools and project management software available on the market, but was never really happy with the way they worked. They were either too simple, as in you don’t have enough functions to track or group items, or the complexity of the software made me spend more time in the app than working on the project itself. In short, I haven’t found the perfect solution for my needs.

After talking to various other people about similar issues, I decided to do something about it. Since I have over 15 years of experience in software development, the planning began. Then, after finishing my Diploma in Industrial Engineering at Berlin University of Technology, I founded The Cridah Group and started building The Daily Project®, incorporating all the key aspects I value most: simplicity and efficiency, and am really happy with the feedback I’ve gotten so far.

I hope The Daily Project® helps you organize yourself and your projects in a better, simpler and more efficient way. Although we’re still a small team, we value your feedback. We have big plans for the near and long-term future, and will be adding many new exciting features soon.